Northern Lights

For thousands of years people in the northern part  of the world have marveled at the spectacular and fearful displays that occasionally light up the night sky. There have been hundreds of  stories and theories to explain what we now know as the aurora borealis or  northern lights. But no one until about a century ago, suspected a connection with the sun. 

The Norwegian scientist – Kristian Birkeland (1867-1917) was the first to explain the source of the aurora and by his discovery a new field within science was born - the Sun-Earth connection. The aurora still fascinates everyone that get to see it and for some countries it has become a tourist attraction.

A brilliant mulitimedia presentation with spectacular images and movies can be provided to a different audiences upon request.

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The Aurora Borealis - a message from the Sun

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New documentary about the Northern Lights playing at the Ski Museum in Holmenkollen, Oslo.   Now also on  DVD!

  Now also on  DVD!