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Astrorock - a Cosmic Voyage through the History of Rock 

The space age has inspired many composers and musicians. And many had their breakthrough with space related songs.  Like Elton John with “Rocket Man”, David Bowie with “Space Oddity”. Or Pink Floyd´s debut album that includes the song "Astronomy Domine" and the legendary Dark Side of the Moon is known to everyone. Queen is singing about Einstein´s theory of relativity and guitarist Brian May did finish his PhD in astrophysics in 1987. 


Samples from familiar hits from e.g. Iron Maiden, Jimmy Hendrix, Police, David Bowie, Deep Purple, REM and many more will be played together with spectacular videos and animations from space. You will learn a lot about music history as well as space history and current space activities. This includes the latest imagery from James Webb Space Telescope.

See a short trailer here

Previous shows:
Heading 6
Bilde 2021-08-31 kl. 11.56.05.png

Oljemessen i Stavanger 2018

Conoco Phillips 2018

Aker Solution 2018

Spaceport Norway 2019

International Astronomical Union 2020, Brussel

AMGEN Seminar 2021

Arendal Vgs 2021

Kristiansand Astronomiforening 2021

Energy Valley 2022

Hard Rock Cafe 2022 

Outlook North 2022

Arctic Frontiers 2023

Emerging Leaders (del av Arctic Frontiers) fra 2014 - 2023

Eksfin 2023

Kongsberg Agenda 2023

Verket Scene, Moss 2023

Spaceport Norway, 2023


Alex Rosen on Twitter: @rosenalex Astrorock foredraget på oljemessa av @pbrekke om vy canis majoris er noe av det mest spektakulære jeg har hørt ever. #superstjerne


Ole Dokka, CEO Spaceport Norway:

Pål Brekke, a lifelong music and space enthusiast, wears multiple hats with aplomb. Not only is he a distinguished space scientist, but he's also an ardent media personality for everything space.

With a lead role in space science at the Norwegian Space Agency, Pål combines his passion for the cosmos with his love for music in his iconic "Astrorock" show. 

 Having graced the stage at Spaceport Norway in the past, he's ready for another stellar performance with a new special edition of his show. 

Get set for a cosmic rendezvous that seamlessly blends the wonders of space with the power of rock 'n' roll - IT WILL BE LOUD 🚀🎸


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