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Northern Lights  -  a Magic Experience

An award winning documentary  (downloadable)

The 25 minute documentary takes you on a breathtaking journey through space. By using pedagogic top-quality animations and spectacular solar imagery from NASA satellites it tells the full story of the northern lights from myth to science. The film is packed with some of the world’s best photography and time lapse sequences and includes tips about how to take your own stunning aurora photos.

BONUS FILM 1: «The Aurora Empire - Guovssahas riika». A five minute film that includes very unique «real-time» video taken by the experienced photographer Ørjan Bertelsen ( using new super-sensitive camera equipment. The film also contains video from the Hurtigruten Cruiseline. Original music by Herman Rundberg

BONUS FILM 2: NASA SDO 5 year Highlights - the best solar videos ever captured by the SDO satellite.

Trailer - click here


The DVD contains brand new graphics and animations specially made for this documentary. In particular how the particles form the Sun run along Earths magnetic field - colliding with atoms - exciting them to emit light.

Film shown at the following locations:


• All Hurtigruten ships - playing every day.


• Holmenkollen Ski Museum - playing every day


• Tromsø Museum - playing regularly 


• Fiske Planetarium in Boulder, CO  


•The  Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival in Portugal, April 2015


• FilmAT film Festival in Warsaw, June 2015


• IMAX theatre at Pacific Science Center in Seattle   May 2015


• Canadian Museum of Nature during Arctic Cocktail, an evening event marking the transfer of the       Chairmanship of the Arctic Council from Canada to USA. 


• Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC, February 2015


• Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, October 2015


• Institute for Planets and Exoplanets, UCLA, California, May 2015


• European Geophysical Union conference i Vienna, April 2016


• Nice International Film Festival, May 2016


• Madrid International Film Festival - July 2016

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